BB Tanks

BB Tanks 1.0

BB Tanks 1.0 is an online tank battle game, with animated characters
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BB Tanks is an online tank battle game. In order to play the game, you should obtain a free account at Then, you will be able to connect through the game with other players around the world, via the Internet. BB Tanks is a game where you command a cartoon tank. It's graphically and conceptually very similar to the Worms series. The players are represented by animated characters, that will fire to each other by turns. The players should aim, chose the energy used, the strength, the weapon and fire. The last standing tank wins the game.

To play the game, you should join a room. Each room can host 8 players. You can stay in a "Waiting Room" till there's a vacancy in any room. Then the game will begin.

You can choose to fire anyone. The goal is to be the only one that's still alive at the end of the game.

Some antivirus programs (as NOD32 antivirus) won't let you install BB Tanks, as some components (required to go online), are identified as potentially dangerous. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • It´s difficult to control the tank
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